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I have created this website to give people ideas for things to do and see in the Lafayette area. I have written a description of many of these places on this site, but if you know of a place I have missed, let me know and I will visit it and write a review. Browse the categories below to find something that interests you.

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Riverside Ice Rink

Riverside Ice Rink is the only place for ice skating in the Lafayette area. It is a small outdoor ice rink, but it has cooling coils so that it can remain open even when it is somewhat above freezing. Skating generally takes place in a counter clockwise manner around the rink leaving a small area in the center which is open for general use. Inexperienced skaters may hold on to the walls of the rink for support while ice skating.

Experienced skaters will be disappointed with the rink's small size, but it is preferable to not being able to skate at all. There is not much instruction available during general skating sessions, but there are guards to help you if you fall down.

  • Restrooms and a drinking fountain are available for the public
  • Some but not a lot of parking is free in Tapawingo Park
  • There is a heated shelter for putting on your skates and resting next to the ice rink
  • Ice skates are available for rental
  • A fee is charged for skating and skate rental. See the rink website for current pricing.

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Greater Macedonia Church of God

This building was constructed by a Jewish congregation in 1867. The Jewish synagogue moved in 1976 and the building was purchased by a Unitarian Universalist congregation in 1979. Recently this church has been purchased by the Greater Macedonia Church of God. This is the oldest standing brick synagogue in the state.


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Central Presbyterian Church

The Presbyterian church in this area dates back to missionaries sent in 1828. The first congregation was formed in 1832, but it split because of a national level denominational divide in the 1840s. The congregation divided into the First and Second Presbyterian churches and the Second congregation constructed this building which was completed in 1895. In 1914 the two halves of the denomination merged and Central Presbyterian was founded.

The building is in the Romanesque style and constructed from rough faced limestone. The entrance tower originally had a conical roof, but it was modified to its current configuration after a fire in 1913. The education building, constructed in 1927, has Colonial Revival style architecture.


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