Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Montgomery County Rotary Jail

The rotary jail was invented by William H. Brown of Indianapolis and was supposed to be escape proof. This proved to be the case (when there was not jailer error) although the rotary jails were terrible to live in. One inmate said that he would rather spend six months in a normal jail than six hours in a rotary jail. Nevertheless, between six and eighteen rotary jails were built at great expense. The only remaining operating rotary jail in the world is located in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

This jail was an interesting place to visit. You can see the jail cells rotate around their core and learn about what life was like for the jailers and inmates. It is very interesting to see the workings of the jail, but it makes you sad knowing of all the men who were locked up in it. The tour guide can tell you all sorts of stories about the history of the jail and the people who inhabited it.


  • Admission is $3 for adults and $1 for children
  • Guided tour of the study
  • Parking is available on surrounding streets

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