Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wolf Park

Wolves here live in a cross between a zoo and the wild in this park. Researchers study these wolves to see how they interact. Wolves are studied here in a relatively natural environment although they are not as free to roam as they are in the wild. The wolves can be seen at howl nights and attempting to hunt buffalo. The workers here assured me that the wolves are not actually skilled enough to successfully hunt the buffalo who have nothing to fear from wolves at this skill level.

At howl nights, the workers get the wolves to gather in front of viewing stands and explain their behavior. The wolves also demonstrate some tricks which the workers have taught them. Of course, you will also get the opportunity to lead the wolves in a howl. At the bison demos, the wolves are given a chance to hunt the bison living on the park until they give up.

  • There are bathrooms an in the visitor center
  • There is a bookstore which sells memorabilia
  • Plenty of parking is available in the lot outside the visitor center
  • There are viewing stands to watch the wolves during shows and fences to separate you from the wolves

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